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Blood and Cryptic Vampire Writings  November 15, 2007 - January 12, 2008

Contest Completed


The Best Vampire poem - [writing deleted]
My second best Vampire poem - [writing deleted]
My third choice of Vampire Poems - [writing deleted]
My fourth choice Vampire Poem - [writing deleted]
My Fifth Choice Vampire Poem - Vampyr
My sixth Choice Vampire Poem - Nightflyer
My seventh Choice Vampire Poem - [writing deleted]
My eighth Choice Vampire Poem - [writing deleted]
My Ninth Choice Vampire Poem - ^BLOOD^
My final and last choice Vampire Poem... - ~Tonight~


Let Countess Evelynn Valkzak judge your poetry. Enter your best Vampire Poetry here and let the Countess decide on your work if its good enough for first place...
Vampire Poetry Only Please! Only poetry about Vampires will be accepted into the contest...


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Created Dec 14, 2007