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This is good this wasent a challenge at all for you was it!!! - A Night In Hell Part 1


Ok this compation is going to be different. Not only will you be writing with restrictions but The finalists will be chosen via a point system.

I want to say you will have full ownership of your work and i will not use it i say this because i want you to write a chapter of MY Book (submit as story) although you can make the task the charictors are trying to achive anything you want. (extra points if you can work it int my stroy somehow)

The first restriction is the people in your story its very open but there are 5 people who are the main charictors the names are

Matthew (and/or Matt for short)
Daniel (and Dan for short)

They all travel together and only split up if there is a no fighting task to do
each of the five people listed above must have a ‘pendant of power’

Matthew has the pendant of fighting (best armed fighter)
Amy has the pendant of stealth (turn invisible and move silently)
Daniel has the pendant of brain (control’s the mind of another)
Emily has the pendant of strength (super strong)
Ryan has the pendent of wepons (Makes a wepon out of Anything in under a second)

You must Write as if you are one of the 5 (first person) But cannot do Matt

You will also have 3 diffrent citys to choose from

Flinton city of fighters
Mlgi city of power
Kana City of healers

Finaly there must be some action. Remember though Its not a present time story so we use swords and bows. (Emily uses her fist’s and feet as well)

The next thing im going to explain is the point system. As you are writing a story using my creations the people who get the personality of the 5 main people closest to how i see them will get around or 5 points.

If you include action twice and one time we use the pendants and the other time we don’t you will get 6 points. (all pendants must be used to get the full 6 points)

If you use the ‘pendant language’ you will get extra points.
(ask me for a copy)

You may include if you wish some other people that will travel with the 5 they are

Surine-an elf (in Flinton only)

Lina-a young girl of 7 or 8 has the power of healing when she looks at someone (only in flinton or Mlgi)

Syriana-the most wanted assassin alive big sister of Lina carries and axe was origanly contracted to kill the 5 main people but is now there friend. (only in Flinton)

Amelia-A girl that lived on the street as a theif but somhow has an extra pendant with a symbol we have never seen before (only in Mlgi and Kana)

You may only include one of the above

Apart from that Make the story good if there are two finalists with the same amount of points it will come down to how good they are.

If you want more info on anything send me a message and ask so i can provide you with it. Or alternitivly you could read some of my story REALM 3 and get an idea of what you need to write from that.


$0000000000, Reviews from the real Amy (maby Daniel and Ryan) And of course me. there is a possible extra prize but its nothing Big so dont get excited besides i havent decided if im gonna give it yet.


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Matthew Ian Herrawood W
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