Fire and Ice Contest  May 29, 2009 - June 29, 2009

Contest Completed


Fire/Queen/King - Ice and Fire - A Villanelle
Ice/Queen/King - [writing deleted]
Breathing Volcano - Kiss of the Serpent
Frozen Iceberg - [writing deleted]
Fire Dragon - Sent to Hell
Polar Bear - Fire and Ice
Burning Bush - The Harbinger
Wildfire - [writing deleted]
The Iceman Cometh - Death Grip
Southern Breeze - Flicker
Aurora North Winds - Fire in Ice
HoTTer Than Hatti - Perdition
Alaska Snowbird - Angel in the Snow
Hawaii Lei - Burning Ice, Chilling Flames
Siberia Deep Freeze - Cameo: ICE
Instant Spontatanious Combustion - [writing deleted]
Smokin - [writing deleted]
Refreshingly Cool - [writing deleted]
Warm Glow - The Care and Tending of Fire
Slowly Melting - [writing deleted]


Write anything pertaining to fire or ice and/ or both fire and ice,it can be Sensual, Erotic, Romantic,Elemental, Universal,or Nature related,etc... , preferably use the word Ice, fire and or Ice and Fire somewhere in the body of your poem~ you may submit up to 3 entries in poetry forms, rhyme or free verse~ no chapters, stories or books please~ be creative and have fun


A year supply of Ice Cubes and Matches/jk


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Fran Marie
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