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Forbidden love stories!!!!  December 8, 2009 - January 8, 2010

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1st place - Heaven\'s Angel and Hell\'s Demon
2nd place - Love Poem
3rd place - [writing deleted]
Most interesting to read - [writing deleted]
Best Poem - More Than Thee!


I want anything you got! Erotica, fiction, fantasy, werewolves, vamps, animal kingdom, anything! Preferably not anything like human and animals together, lol. I want a very touching, heart wrenching, get so attatched to the character you dont want it to end type of story! Put some action in it to make it interesting, conflict. A couple that should not be together! Get sappy people!

if your going to post up a book or story, please dont make it more than 10 chapters... Cuz if its not interesting to me by the third chapter, i will give up on reading it (Sorry, lol)


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