Gender War contest!!!  November 12, 2008 - November 30, 2008

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Give me anything about the differences between men and women, what make us so different. Can we really understand what the other feel / think / act / love etc�..Find below a poem about that "Gender War" that I love so much. I am looking for your writing and thoughts!! You can submit poems or very short stories.

I will never understand women
I will never walk in stilettos
I will never wear a mini skirt
I will never feel the guys watch
As I walk in the street
I will never understand
What it is to be you

I will never understand what its like to be a guy
To stand when I pee
To wear business suits all the time
To never ask for directions
I will never understand

I will never have a period
I will never be nervous before and relaxed after
I will never be pregnant
I will just be me

I will never have the carefree sex life
I will never be able to prove my automobile skills
I only know what it is to be me

And thanks God you will not
We will just stay what we are

I like being me

I will love you anyway

Please, only relevant writing, be creative, and, give me your best writing!! Good Luck, Yos.


Cheers and Bravos


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