Got The Stuff II  November 1, 2010 - November 15, 2010

Contest Completed


Masterpiece stuff - [writing deleted]
Amazing stuff - Sleeping Bear Spectacle
Fabulous stuff - Paradise


Okay, the last GTS did not quite go as planned. For one thing, I asked that you write something about the gloaming. I received only three out of the seven about the gloaming. The others were about ghosts, finding that special someone, about a cat, etc. Out of the three winners, only one (James Paulin with the poem entitled "Moonrise") was written for the contest. I had asked that you not submit something that you had already written. I almost deleted the contest, but went against the rules, too, since everyone else did, and judged on my own terms. SO.....let's try this again. I'd like to see some fabulous entries for this round of Got The Stuff. Here are the rules of entry, and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


Submit something NEW - not something that you've already written, even if you have a spectacular piece written already for the subject matter. If I see anything written before this afternoon, the piece will be disqualified.

You can use any form of poetry that you'd like.

Poems or short stories that are under 1500 words will be accepted.

The subject matter this time is: Describe a place that is special to you. Make me see what your seeing through your words, let me smell the place, etc.

Again, any entries that do not adhere to the list above will not be judged.
Lastly, good luck, and have fun with this. :)


NJ (no, we don't say Joisey)


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