Guest Writer  April 5, 2008 - April 15, 2008

Contest Completed


1st Place - Guest Writer - Hunger Pangs
2nd Place - Guest Writer - The World According to the Right Rev Rap Masta Cornflake
3rd Place - Guest Writer - Running through the meadow as a child
Honorable Mention - Guest Writer - the company we keep
Honorable Mention - Guest Writer - Christmas Shoes
Honorable Mention - Guest Writer - A \\\"Weak\\\" of Worship
Honorable Mention - Guest Writer - Blue Friend
Honorable Mention - Guest Writer - Felony Mistaken
Honorable Mention - Guest Writer - Hostage Hearts
Honorable Mention - Guest Writer - Who I Am


To place, all poems must follow the rules below.
The top three winners wil be given the option of becomign a Guest Writer on my website - your work, if chosen will be up for about a week, along with a short bio, link(s) to your own webpage and/ or blog, along with an e-mail (if you wish).

The URL for my site is - if you want to check it out first.

1) This is part of my senior project, and the site will be viewed by family/friends/teachers/school administration - so please, keep it PG/PG-13
2) Any kind of writing is welcome - but please be aware that only 500 words of any genre other than poetry will be displayed on my site
3) I am looking for fresh - original. Not greeting card or haikus, but rhyme, if done well, is welcome
PLEASE BE AWARE: In my last contest, I had some great work submitted, and in the end, changed the contest to a vote - I honestly could not decide. I will warn everyone before I do this to see if anyone is greatly opposed to the change.

Thank you so much - and best of luck to everyone!


guest spot on my website and work posted on my blog


Not Afraid of Bruises
Not Afraid of Bruises
somewhere beyond the Tagglewood, RI


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20 Submissions
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