Halloween Contest  October 8, 2009 - October 31, 2009

Contest Completed


trickortreat award - Goblin & Gremlin's Galore
little witches award - [writing deleted]
little ghost and ghouls award - Halloween Party
ring the door bell and run award - [writing deleted]
smiling pumpkin award - The pumpkin ate me and I died... Oops!
funny frankenstein award - The Umpteenth Bride
scooby-doo award - ^A Halloween Tale^
the belly aching chocolate covered mouth award - [writing deleted]
the full moon award - A Fiendish Grin
the boo award - Samhain
goosebumps award - Wrath of the Blackened Rose
carmel apple award - The Attic
paper bag mask award - HUNTING FOR PUMPKIN
ooey gooey worm award - [writing deleted]
walking broom stick award - [writing deleted]
bad black putty tat award - Halloween Love


want fun poems about halloween that are not dark at all have a child like feel to them....


a pumpkin by your name


Sean M. Addams
Sean M. Addams
Davidson, NC


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Created Oct 8, 2009