I like yellow  May 6, 2009 - May 15, 2009

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Most Yellow Poem - [writing deleted]
Best Poem - [writing deleted]
Second Best Poem - A Golden Farewell
Third Best Poem - [writing deleted]
Most Unusually Yellow Poem - Haiku Moon Hits Your Eye


Has anyone ever read a poem that reminded them of a certain colour?

Here is the challenge. Write a poem that reminds me of yellowness. It could be something yellow, or a shade of yellow, or anything particularly yellowy. It shouldn't be too hard; my mind seems to work by colours. You could try psychology, use yellow imagery... anything.

However, the one rule is this: You're not allowed to use the word "yellow". Got that?


I'll give one award for the most unusual take on the whole yellow idea, the poem with the least obvious connections to yellowness (but it still has to feel yellow to me). Awards will also be awarded for how good the poem is, and - of course - how yellow.


Matthew Green
Matthew Green
St Ives, United Kingdom


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