Ladder of Lights  July 1, 2008 - September 2, 2008

Contest Completed


Badge of Enlightenment - Inside a Lucid Dream
Sphere of Trancendance - Waltzing to Symphonies of Moonlight
Badge of Balance - Solar plexus
Sphere of Equality - Diving Beyond The Mind
Badge of Raw Creation - Mein verlorenes Ich / My lost I / Mon Je perdu
Sphere of Quintessense - Ebb & Flow
Tome of Archaic Wisdom - Star Gazer
Key to the Void - Midnight Sky~Villanelle
The Sacred Number 9 - Thine Eyes


The main goal is to write something spiritual, not religious. Write a poem that express how well you have managed to see past the viel of lies. Write something that describes a walk in the park, or watching a storm and having it stir inside you. Sensations, Nature, Self Journy, The Mind, The Soul, and so much more. What is your step on the Ladder of Lights?


Not only Enlightenment, But I will review those chosen by me.


The Mad Prophet
The Mad Prophet
Cedar Falls, IA


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