Laughing  May 23, 2008 - August 12, 2008

Contest Completed


Great Grand PuuBah, Lord Mayor of Laughter, Winner of the funds. - . of V U
Itty Bitty PuuBah, Wee Willie Winkie, Red Skeleton's funnier brother - Banana Haiku
Pretending to be a PuuBah, Holding Mother Goose for ransome - Dedication
Also ran, almost caught up, doesn't know what a PuuBah is, Thinks Danny Kay is funnier - King Lear, III.vii
Can't recall a Red Skeleton, Has feather from Mother Goose, laughs at Seinfeld - Technicalities


It's not just a site about limericks,
it's also a sight about laughing.
Come bring all your stuff
Three pieces enough
Here's rhythm but none of that rhyming!

For those who forgot the glasses that read between the lines, this contest is about humor. Write something funny. I don't care if it's poem or anecdote, story or book. You can even do Limericks that have no rhythm but rhyme correctly--or don't rhyme but have the rhythm. Just be warned, poetry that has neither rhythm nor rhyme sets my teeth on edge.

Grand prize is $5.00 USD thru Paypal. Certificate on PDF.


$5.00, certificate of authenticity "Real Jenuine Humor"


Susan S.
Susan S.
Tacoma, WA


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