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Lie to me  April 15, 2014 - April 21, 2014

Contest Completed


First Place Poem - Death Tries a Lullaby
First Place Story - [writing deleted]
Best Dialogue - [writing deleted]
Best Reveal - Department 29 - Chpt 1
Best Character - Nusquam Prefers to be Kept Anonymous
Best Plot - The Plan
Best Setting - Why Dihydrogen Monoxide Should Be Banned!
Personal Favorite - First Contact


I want the narrator to lie to me.

The situation should tell the reader the truth, but the narrator must insist that is not so for the entirety of the piece. This could be an emotional situation that the narrator tries to play off. This could be a hopeless situation where the narrator insists there is hope. This could be a crime they clearly committed, but never admit to. This could be anything you like, so long as the narrator lies to me.

Any type of writing.

Audience must be Everyone.


I will be happy. Don't you want that?


C. Rose
C. Rose


7 Contestants
9 Submissions
Created Apr 15, 2014