Love of Her!!!!!!!!  April 22, 2011 - April 30, 2011

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First - Precious Lies
Second - I Breathe You In
Third - You Spend an entire day
Fourth - [writing deleted]
Fifth - Boundless Love


Do you have a love of your life. I have my Hermosa Rosa Gabby (aka GABZILLA!!<3) I want you to sing to her heart in this contest. Tell me how you really feel about her. Tell her. and Most of all, Let her see how talented you are!!! Girls same thing, Tell me about him!!! Here is an example:

The ocean surf

The California breeze

The sweetness of your face

Shining by the sea

I took your hand

you pulled me close

We kissed unexpectedly

Who would have known

As The sea kiss the shore

And our kiss became strong

Now i sit in my bedroom

Singing love songs

If I have a chance in hell

Just tell me please

If I have a chance

Sit my heart at ease

I know we just met

but your kiss stole my heart

If you tell me no Gabby

It would so break my heart

So I remember the ocean

and The kiss on the shore

Will you be mine Gabby

Forever More??

Contest is Easy Just bare your soul!!!!!!!


A picute of a Dozen Roses For the First place Winner


&hearts;Lugar Para Siempre&hearts;
♥Lugar Para Siempre♥
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