MUCK IT  August 18, 2008 - September 1, 2008

Contest Completed


WINNER ~ Wow! First Place "Muck It" Award - YOU SILLY GUY
Second Place "Muck It" Award - 21st Century Rant
Third Place "Muck It" Award - Only One Off
Fourth Place "Muck It" Award - [writing deleted]
Fifth Place "Muck It" Award - [writing deleted]
Sixth Place "Muck It" Award - The Whole Muckin\' Pot
Seventh Place "Muck It" Award - Muck Him
Honorable Mention "Muck It" Award - A Case of the Muck Its
Honorable Mention "Muck It" Award - Drunken Whimpers
Honorable Mention "Muck It" Award - Muck the World!


I'm feeling in a "MUCK IT" kinda mood. You know that feeling; when everything you touch turns to MUCK? Muck is a poker term, but it's a good word for everyday use, I find. So, for the contest, write poem about what makes you say, "MUCK IT". Maybe it's your muckin' job, muckin' spouse, muckin' boyfriend/girlfriend, muckin' dog, muckin' life in general. Write about it. I know all of us have those moments. Only new poems written for this contest will be excepted. Hey, Good Luck & Most of All, Have Fun Ranting! Thank You for the Entries so far!


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Wicahpi Iyozaza
Wicahpi Iyozaza
Where Eagles Fly, PA


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