Magic in a Line, again!  July 18, 2012 - July 23, 2012

Contest Completed


1 - Death
2 - Butterflies
3 - Dance of the Fey
4 - A way out
5 - The Way You Know
6 - Time Limit
7 - The Signs
8 - Glass
9 - Hate
10 - [writing deleted]


Any guesses from the title? Well whether you guessed it or not I'm going to tell you. What I want to read is one-liners, and only one liners. I think that so much can be told in just one line, and I want to see that. It can be any genre, have any meaning, be in any font, anything, as long as it's one line.
So, just to clarify, here's what is NOT one line:
- more than one full stop.
- a sentence that obivously should have full stops but is just full of commas or something of the like instead.
- more than one paragraph or indent. A haiku or something like that is not one line.
And anything else that you don't think is one line, because if you don't think it is, I probably don't either.
Any questions, just ask, I'll be happy to answer.
If you'd like a review on anything you entered, please mail me with the titles, otherwise you get no review unless you're lucky.
It will be open to voting as the end, I think it's a good way to get others to read your work.
So, I think that's all, I can't wait to read your one-liners. Enjoy and get creative!



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