Masterpiece Writing  September 22, 2011 - October 8, 2011

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Absolutley outstanding!! - [writing deleted]
Wow, that's great!! - [writing deleted]
Very good read. - Twenty-Four Hours
Interesting, very neat. - [writing deleted]
Most unique, different piece of writing submited! - [writing deleted]


Hello All.
Submit any kind of writing that you would like.
It should be what you like to think is your best writing, your "masterpiece."
Poems, stories, lyrics, etc.


Lauren Alaska
Lauren Alaska
Anchorage, AK


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Created Oct 1, 2011

Murder on the Marsh Murder on the Marsh
A young unwed tenant farmer will go to any lengths to get rid of his illegitimate child.
The Pernicious Portrait The Pernicious Portrait
A stranger arrives at the St. Sebastian estate, to remind the owner and his butler that the past never dies.