Lauren Alaska

Lauren Alaska


Have a wonderful January.

Anchorage, AK
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About Me

I'm Lauren.

There's so many things nobody knows about me, I can honestly say that there's not one person standing on this planet who knows everything about me. I use this to help me write, I expose small parts of myself into my writing, which in turn, only makes it more interesting. At least in my mind.

Add me, I love talking to people and getting new ideas. I'm shy at first, but talk to me and I'll be friendly.

Review my writing?
I love to write stories,
Specifically suspense, horror, dark, and thriller.
Sometimes romance, journal, poetry, and humor.
Although I'm not very good at the previous four.

Alright, bye now!(:


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Posted 12 Years Ago

Hey lauren!

Thanks for messaging me, lol, I like messages!

Wow you're 14 too. That's great cause most of the people on this site are kinda like really old-ish people. Yeah, so its awesome to have finally found someone as old as me!!

No way!!! :OO
Are you kidding me or are those things true, about criminal minds and Eminem??

Omg that's super awesome if you were serious cause all of my friends watch typical shows like glee and gossip girl instead of criminal minds, and i'm the only one who likes FBI and criminal shows!!

So, i guess, thanks for messaging me, and its nice to have found some 14 year old that writes and likes criminal minds! :D