Mr. Kult's Halloween Contest Part 1  October 3, 2010 - October 8, 2010

Contest Completed


1st Place - Old Man Crow
2nd Place - [writing deleted]
3rd Place - Psycho Face Killer part 3
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - The Death Clown
Honorable Mention - Shadow Man


I want to think Sean for being an inspiration for this contest. Since Halloween is by far one of my personal favorite holidays. (Yes yes I know 32 Y/o should not be dressing up and knocking at doors. I enjoy it and don't judge me.)

I want poetry for part 1 of this contest of Monsters, Killers, psychopaths, whatever of your own creation. I want to see the scariest you have.

A few rules:

1. This should be obvious, but I want original monsters. I don't want a new Freddy Kruger story. No offense.
2. Yes your vampires can glow...
3. Have fun.


Matthew Kult
Matthew Kult
St. Louis, MO


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Created Oct 3, 2010