Musical Inspiration  September 18, 2011 - October 18, 2011

Reading and Deliberating


A written piece inspired by a musical one. Simple. What I want here is a piece of writing (of any type!) that is inspired by a song, a classical piece, etc.

1. Any type of writing and genre is allowed
2. Max is 5000 words! So that's about 20 double spaced pages. I am a college student so I wont have enough time to go through long pieces of work!
3. When choosing the written piece, in the description box or the author's notes section, put the name of the song and artist of the piece that inspired you. If this in not included by the time of judging, your piece will automatically be disqualified.

And of course rule number 4:
YOU MAY NOT PLAGIARIZE ANY LYRICS FROM THE SONG THAT IS INSPIRING YOUR PIECE! This is an obvious rule, please do not break it as it also breaks TOS here. Plagiarism isn't acceptable in any writing form.

I am looking forward to reading these pieces!


A simple art commission from me! :)


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