Musically inspired Poets HERE!!  February 2, 2014 - March 2, 2014

Contest Completed


Most Moving - The Second I Was Born
Most Beautiful - Hatred
Most Thought Provoking - Possess


I always listen to music when I write anything, so Id like to see you write a poem that is inspired by a song! Can be new or old!

-LINK THE SONG! I want to be able to hear what you heard as you were inspired~ and I'm sure others will too!^^)

-The song CANNOT have lyrics (gibberish is accepted)

I listen to absolutely EVERY kind of music (except country...) So feel free to use obscure songs and not be worried about being ignored because go it^^)
Let loose!~ DO ALL THE GENRES!!(/0w0)/


My love and Appreciation!<3



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10 Submissions
Created Feb 3, 2014

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