Nature Walk!!!  August 18, 2010 - August 19, 2010

Contest Completed


Sunny Day Award! - a perfect day
Minute Nature Award! - [writing deleted]
Midnight Nature Award! - Ode to a Twilight Sky
Wet Nature Award! - Grenade on a rain drop
Beautiful Nature Award! - Mother Earth and All Her Children
Green Nature Award! - My Meadow
Fly High Nature Award! - [writing deleted]
Nature's View Award! - [writing deleted]
Nature Love Award! - Impulse
Colorful Nature Award! - Autumn's Bouquet


Hello again!
This is a contest to celebrate nature's beauty, post any of your poems that's about nature...

The contest will close when it reaches 15 entries

HAppy writing...


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I live in the beautiful city , where the sun kisses the sands along the sea shore..., India


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