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Nonsense Rationale  January 2, 2013 - January 3, 2013

Contest Completed


Just Plain Stupid - Hiimmarana
Most incomprehensible - Nonsense to the Senseless
Most inconceivable - Kat
Most Illogical - Hogswash Trippy Aye
Most Irrational - Waking of The Coma Tooth


Additional Rules!
Since my previous contest was a failure due to people not being able to abide by my strict rules, I'm going to be more relaxed in this one. There are only two rules this time around and you folks better follow it.

1. It has to be a prose or a poetry. You are allowed to submit twice.However, you can't submit the same kind of writing. (e.g. you can't submit two poetry or two prose. You will be disqualified.)

2. It has to be vague, incomprehensible, irrational, illogical, unintelligent, enigmatic, inconceivable. Basically, it has to be pure nonsense.


Just Plain Stupid: A Caricature signed by me


Geon Quuin
Geon Quuin


14 Contestants
15 Submissions
Created Jan 2, 2013

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