Passion  December 3, 2008 - January 3, 2009

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An exceptional and well written poem! Sensational! Passion at its BEST! - [writing deleted]
A VERY good and well written poem! Great Job! - ...and if...
Good presentation! Good Job! - Moonlight Magic (My Shooting Star)
Honorable Mention-- Not bad but needs some tweaking! Keep writing! - [writing deleted]
An exceptional and well written story! Sensational! Passion at its BEST! - [writing deleted]
A "VERY" good and well written story! Great Job! - [writing deleted]
Good presentation! Good story! Good Job! - [writing deleted]


Okay poets and writers...
I'm calling on your passionate side! I wanna feel your emotion!
Remember passion comes in many different forms it is not limited to erotica!
What are your passions...? Who are you passionate for?
Let your pen Rock!
Give me some of your most passionate stuff!
Tell me how you feel!
Lets see who has the most passionate pen! :)
Thank you for your submissions
Give me until Tuesday 12/6/08 to post the winners!
Again, thank you!!!


$0.000, Great bragging points!


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