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Reading and Deliberating


This contest is for authors to submit one short story. preferably non fiction. Fictional pieces will be acceptable if the requirements are meant.
Portions of novels such as chapters of larger works etc. will be acceptable as well.
ok i will put the three finalists in the newsletter
the story must contain an instance between either two or more individuals, factions, kingdoms, or nations.
The idea must be to convey the inner working mind of one person or factions point of view and draw a contrast to that by delving into the oppositions point of view in a combative or antagonistic setting.
It can be anything from small scale arguments between high school friends all the way to nations disagreeing and misunderstanding one another only to go and murder one anothers citizens.
Violence is not the key and is not what is to be focused on.
The story must focus on one mindset and pit that mindset against another mindset. Thus exposing how in most cases what one person or faction percieves as a wrong being done to them the other person or faction on the opposing side sees the situation quite differently.
this is meant as an exercise to expose to you how it is beneficial to really begin to take into account things from another viewpoint, and come to realise that you are not always in the right although you may believe yourself to be.
We should get a lot of really good stuff from this and it is quite a challenge so lets get it. i will give you some time on this one how about a month or more


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