Philosophy  June 5, 2009 - June 26, 2009

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Socrates - Shattered Glass
Plato - Awakening
Aristotle - Universal Plan
Descartes - Mt. of Olives
Kant - Epic
Nietzsche - Potential
Locke - Omar Khayyam
Rand - Mirrors
Marx - Death of an Immortal
Honorably Mentioned Ponderer #1 - Ballots and Bullets (Choosing Sides)
Honorably Mentioned Ponderer #2 - The Mahabharata
Honorably Mentioned Ponderer #3 - A Day in the Life of a Urinal Cake
Mentioned Ponderer #1 - Poetry in Motion
Mentioned Ponderer #2 - Motion Of The Hills
Mentioned Ponderer #3 - Sights


Show me philosophical poetry. Express, critique, or challenge popular philosophies, be they in regards to politics, ethics, metaphysics, or whatever have you. If your knowledge in this category is a bit scant, write about your own philosophy, or simply help me see things in an alternative light. Make me think. Depth and originality earn points here.


A ring tailed lemur



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