Pick A Color...Paint A Poem  November 2, 2008 - November 12, 2008

Contest Completed


1st place winner - the color you call blue..
2nd place winner - Pale Blue
3rd place winner - Raging Red
4th place winner - The Sunset Revealed
1st honorable mention - Hues of Gloom
2nd honorable mention - [writing deleted]
3rd honorable mention - [writing deleted]
4th honorable mention - [writing deleted]
5th honorable mention - Deep Burgundy
6th honorable mention - TESTER POTS
7th honorable mention - A game of shadow and light


Choose a color, any color....

and base a poem around it.
Don't describe it, make me feel the color.

I am looking for wonderful use of imagery in this contest

Be creative!
Make it beautiful!
& Have fun!



poet2angels (lynda)
poet2angels (lynda)
Arlington, TX


23 Contestants
23 Submissions
Created Nov 2, 2008

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