Poetry Inspired by Art  August 22, 2011 - September 13, 2011

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1st - Stardust
2nd - Old
3rd - No one was around...


Please don't submit poems based on ANY work of art. It is to be based on a specific painting - see below.

The arts have always influenced each other. Some of the greatest music has been influenced by literature and art. Likewise, poetry has described great masterpieces and musical experiences. And I suppose art has also been influenced - wouldn't know about that!

Anyways, I challenge you to write a piece of poetry based on THIS PAINTING. Why that painting? Because I asked my art friend for a suggestion and that's the one she picked - yell at her, not me ;) So, look at it, ponder it a while. If you really consider the painting, it exudes emotion, it cries ideas and images at you. And then write with evocative, captivating words that paint a picture even more vivid....


A piece of poetry you wouldn't have otherwise ever come up with


David Michael
David Michael
Clovis, NM


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