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Promoted - [writing deleted]
Runner Up - Twice Shy
Runner Up - Dancing With My Monster
Runner Up - Camel No-Filters
Runner Up - Let Them Live
Runner Up - Only the Rain
Runner Up - Once a Red Moon
Runner Up - Maintaining
Runner Up - Slip of the Tongue
Runner Up - I Love You!


The top ten have been selected and read requests have been sent out. Now it's your turn to pick the winner! All are well worth the read, but which will you give your vote to?

"Only the Rain"
Quality character development

Easily step into the world of "The Crackhouse Diaries"

"Slip of the Tongue"
Strong writing in a Tolkien-esque world

"Once a Red Moon"
Excellent ending and a high writing quality.

"Camel No-Filters"
Feels like you're there

"Let them Live"
Powerful poem on a difficult topic

"I Love You!"
Witty reflection on love

"Dancing with my Monster"
This piece fought its way to the top ten through a horde of poems with a similar theme. That says a lot about its caliber.

Original, witty, eerie

"Twice Shy"
A well-expanded moment, with an almost passively witty end


I will read request your piece to all my Writer's Cafe friends.


C. Rose
C. Rose


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