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Rococo Sovereign - Oh Marie


Absolute Rococo by ~Aron-Ra on deviantART

PhotobucketWrite anything about the 18th century! :D Preferably like you're living in it~
PhotobucketNo profanity or SiLlY TyPinG x_x
PhotobucketOr dirty things >.>

Rococo Collage by ~CountryBird on deviantART

PhotobucketWhat is Rococo?Photobucket
Rococo is basically an 18th century style of art and interior design. Everything was made to be perfect works of art, very ornate.

" The Rococo style is characterized by pastel colors, gracefully delicate curving forms, fanciful figures, and a lighthearted mood (visually and physically). The essence of Rococo art is light. Extreme highlights are placed on the subject matter and the overall work is light in color, effect, and emotion. Artists paid special attention to fine detail. Form is characterized by delicacy of color, dynamic compositions, and atmospheric effects. " - credit


Some people don't like the Rococo style, as it focuses on the opulence of the wealthy of the times- whilst virtually ignoring the poor. However, it is my favourite!

I think we're all pretty familiar of life in the 18th century, so I don't feel the need to explain there. Luxury and leisure. <3 But, if you aren't that familiar with it, here is a link!

What I want though, is for your work to bring out those themes used in Rococo art~


I'm so excited to read what you create!


and fyi: I'm planning on doing a Rococo writing project too! So you aren't alone~



You'll be my favourite person! :D & get a nifty, and noble, title!


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