Simplicity  May 25, 2010 - June 25, 2010

Contest Completed


Winning Simplicity - TP
Complete Simpleness - Splash The Ash
Simplistically Deep - Line
Simply Complex - To Eat a Pear
Humorously Simple - Bubbles
Simplest Satire - Ode To Jimmy's Sandals
Even Simpler - . dry ice ...
Oversimple - [writing deleted]


What I want you to do for this contest is to write about ONE PHYSICAL object/item/thing (not a concept or idea) that is completely commonplace and often goes unnoticed. I read a poem once about a squiggly line inside their eye. That's the kind of simplicity I'm looking for in your poetry.

You can be simple in writing about your simplistic physical object or you can be complex and deep about it. Either way... ONE simple object. The jam between your toes, the dirt under a fingernail, anything that is commonplace.

1) Although the poems don't have to be short, I don't want to be reading epic poems... if they're WAY too long, I won't read them.
2) Spelling and grammar are a must (not so much with the grammar as long as you don't violate the poetic license).

Also... as a side note. I LOVE humor and satire. Be cynical, satirical, sarcastic, or just plain hilarious and you'll probably get higher up on the list of winners.


A pretty ribbon and bragging rights. I'll also review every entry


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