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Reading and Deliberating


I love poetry, it's as simple as that. Whether it be a short, sweet, to-the-point poem or a rather lengthy one, it doesn't matter. All I want is a poem. This contest is actually going to be sort of like a way to get my mind off of the countdown of days until I get to see my boyfriend for Valentines Day. Knowing me, I'll probably update this contest everyday to post how many days is left. Anyways, my boyfriend is going to help me decide on the winners. Both of us love reading and writing (we're actually working on writing a book together). He will be here the day before Valentines Day but I'm going to make the due date the day after Valentine's Day. Anytime of poetry is accepted!

(( Any poem entered in a contest created by either myself or Orahemae December may be used in our upcoming book "Third Hour" with the authors permission. ))

Update:: Since seeing how many submissions I've already gotten, I have decided to move the deadline up by two days. It is now Friday the Thirteenth which is the day that my boyfriend gets here. This now gives us as much time as we need the five days that he's here to judge the contest.

[[ UPDATE ]]
James and I have been really packed for time while he's been here. Spending time with him is just simply amazing. I promise that we will try our hardest to get the contest winners decided soon. There are a lot of poems to go through.


Knowing that you have the ability to write an amazing poem!


Simply The Best Poem Overall Simply The Best Poem Overall
Most Amazing Romance Poem Most Amazing Romance Poem
Most Wonderful Fantasy Poem Most Wonderful Fantasy Poem
Most Terrifying Horror Poem Most Terrifying Horror Poem
Just What I Needed Just What I Needed
You Have A Way With Words You Have A Way With Words
Utter Randomness Utter Randomness
Most Twisted Most Twisted
Top Tear Jerker Top Tear Jerker
Best Use Of Imagery Best Use Of Imagery
Most Creative Most Creative
Most Backwards Title Most Backwards Title


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Dianna Reneé
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Dianna Reneé is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact Dianna Reneé if you have any further questions.

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