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First Place - It\'s ringing in my head


Only new writes accepted unless youve written something like these prompts before. I am offering no cash prize, but ribbons and badges will be given. I will judge according to the stories that interest me the most.

Write in first person or second person about a male or female main character (12-16) that gets:
1.A new strange babysitter(must be a weird or mysterious babysitter)
2.A new older sibling(by adoption/by marraige, etc.)
3.A new therapist(must explain reasons why he has one)
4.A new crush(hesitating to love back, or not hesitant, doesnt matter)
5.A new bully(has to show atleast one fight)
6.A new parent( has to state reasons why old parents arent together no more)

Like I said it could be written in first person or second person and can be either a book, short story, poems etc. can be any genre as long as the prompt is involved with the over all plot. I will review all entries. Message me any questions and I will be sure to answer.

Bonus points:
1.If you use more than one prompt
2.If the babysitter is female mysterious
3.If the siblings dont get along
4.If the crush chooses not to show her emotions straight away
5.If the therapist doesnt understand the MC
6.If the bully hates him out of jealousy
7.If the characters personality is laid back, quiet yet blunt and mature for his age or a know it all
8.If its humorous
9.If you choose a male main character

*I will be willing to change the contest end date if asked.




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