That Happy Stuff...  July 16, 2008 - July 26, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner. - dreamers thank you
2nd place - Questions
3rd runner up - A New Dawn
4th - 04.Lovely me
5th - Josh
6th - The Beach
7th - Sex on the Beach
8th - A Candle\'s Whisper
9th - Deep within
last. - Yesterday\'s Tomorrow


I want to hear your most intricate substance inspired poetry... not your everyday we got stoned and ate cookies stories, but i want your deepest most intense thoughts that are recollectable. the human mind can be truely amazing... especially when altered. Only ten days so... you can write a new one or post an oldie... whatever you want. make it quick though but you know... no rush. sort of


Bragging rights? whatever you want... its just writing


D. Nelson
D. Nelson
Monterey County, CA


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