The Larcenist screenplay and stage play contest  November 24, 2013 - February 1, 2014

Contest Completed



The Larcenist literary magazine is looking for screenplay and stage play submissions for the first issue that will be published in February 2014.

Two winners will be considered for publication in the magazine. Although we do not doubt there are much more than merely two good writers/screenplays/stage plays out there, we must have this fail-safe in case we come across a dry spell. That being said it is more than likely that the winners will indeed receive publication in the magazine.

If we feel that there are more than two submissions deserving publication, we will contact those authors that do not make it on the winner's list after the contest is completed.

If you do not wish to enter the competition, but still want to send us your work, please read the 'submission guidelines' section on our website.

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Created Nov 21, 2013