The Meaning of Life  February 12, 2009 - March 12, 2009

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You Have Discovered the Meaning of Life- Top Win - [writing deleted]
You Convinced Me - Life Is In The Details
Amazingly Insightful - [writing deleted]
Whoa, Deep - Three Fat Cats
You Blew My Mind - Laughter
We Shall Call You Buddha - Life Goes On
We Bow Before You - No Storms to Weather
The World Could Learn A Lesson From You - The Worth of a Man
Absolutely Beautiful - you, and everything inside you
Amazingly Amazing - I Think I\'ll Live Today...


*only members of the Asylum will be considered for reward. if you're not in the group, join us!*

Give me poems that center on what you think the meaning of life is. What gives you your motivation to get up and live: love, religion, beauty of the world, hopes, dreams, duty? Or do you think there is no purpose? Put on your thinking caps on and tell me what life means to you. Each poet can submit 3 entries and this one will be open for a month. Blow me away!


$0.00, an award for your page & respect from your fellow inmates


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