The Power of Poetry  May 15, 2016 - June 7, 2016

Contest Completed


1st Place - We Admitted We Were Powerless
2nd Place - Ballade for Denial
3rd Place - Touch an angels wing.
4th Place - Losing Lucy
5th Place - Sometimes I take the dark
6th Place - Wilting Flowers
7th Place - Reluctant Hero
8th Place - Glass


Have you ever written a poem so powerful that it could bring someone to tears? If so, this contest is for you. I am looking for a poem that's almost too perfect, one that takes the reader on an emotional journey filled with sadness, joy, or any other awe-inspiring emotion that leaves the reader in tears. Think you can do that? If so, put your talent to use and enter this contest.


I review at least two pieces of each winner's writing.



72 Contestants
194 Submissions
Created May 15, 2016

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