The Vicious Slogan Contest  February 21, 2008 - March 21, 2008

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The Best Vicious Circle Slogan - [writing deleted]
Vicious Mention - Vicious Circle Slogan
Vicious Mention - Slogan


Nothing will be awarded for this contest, other than BIG TIME bragging rights and one of those little badges for your profile. The primary goal for this particular contest is that the winning slogan will be used in all matters concerning our group. It will be displayed on the front page of the Vicious Circle, and it will be emblazoned upon all future contest awards (jackets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, trophies, and so on).

For example:
The Vicious Circle - "writing is not an option, it's life!"

OK, maybe not the greatest example, but you get the idea. The slogan does not have to be serious, nor does it have to be funny. What I'm looking for is something short and catchy; a slogan that grabs hold of the reader and draws blood!

What's more is that I'm not the deciding factor, you are! The winner will be chosen by group accord. If you enter, however, you MAY NOT vote for your own entry.

Here are the rules:
1. Be original! Don't borrow literary quotes from famous people, and such.
2. One entry per member.
3. Only ONE suggestion is allowed per entry.

So, there it is. Three rules, one winner. You've got a month for this one, so take some time to think about it and let's have some fun with this!

Good luck!


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Damian Alan Gray
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