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Twenty-Two Good Syllables  March 8, 2008 - March 22, 2008

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Eensy-weency excellence - Night in the Garden
Brevity as the soul of wit - Flashes of Light in the Sky
Teeny-tiny yet terrific - Springtime


The only thing that I have in less supply than talent is attention span. I'm not good with epics; I'm sure Tolstoy is a fine writer, but who has time for twelve hundred pages--and in a small font, no less. So I'm asking you to keep it short. You have twenty-two syllables with which to write a poem, enough to write a perfectly good cinquain or (should you so choose) a haiku with room to spare. The literate dwarves who live in an abandoned bus at the far end of my property will choose finalists in order that the assembled may vote for them according to their preference.


Sorry, I'm a barter system kind of guy, but have a cybertrinket.


Parts Unknown. Our high school wrestling teams were unbeaten for decades.


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