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Deliciously Dark - [writing deleted]
Dear Childhood Indeed - Bloody Mary
A Classic Twist - Happy Endings Are Just Fairytales That Haven't Finished Yet


We're all familiar with the common nursery rhymes (or at least a lot of us are) and I used to adore them as a child. So, for this contest I want you to put your own spin on one of the well known nursery rhymes, a dark twist if you will. Yes, you read correctly, those cute, bubbly ryhmes kids love? I want molded into dark and not so... child friendly rhymes.
Example's of nursery rhymes;
Little Miss Muffet
Humpt Dumpty
Jack and Jill
Mary had a Little lamb
Ba ba Black Sheep
London Bridge
...Well you get the point

I don't want you to just change a few words around and that's that, I want the story behind the rhymes. (Kind of like how the story of 'ring around the rosie' is a rhyme created based around the black plague) I want your own 'origin' for some other rhymes. Please include the nursery ryhme you choose in either the authors note, the description or as the title.

Have fun!


first place- I will review EVERYTHING you have written and submitted on this site


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