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This contest is only for poems and lyrics, but other than that, anything can be entered, as long as it has been inspired by a song, any song, in one or another way, like, for instance:
1) One line, or several lines, or even the title, from the song are used (however, there should be more of your own work than from the song), the general theme should be the same as in the song, but it may be totally different, too, as long as the lines make sense in the new context as well.
BUT: It doesn’t count if you use common lines in a random poem that happen to be used in a random song, or many songs. If I don’t see a specific relation between exactly THIS particular poem and THIS specific song, then sorry, but you missed the point. So beware of being unoriginal and using over-used lines (no offense).
2) Something from the original text is adopted, but changed (e.g. some words are exchanged), so that the sense changes, too. The other lines should then adapt to that changed meaning.
3) You take the tune and write a song or poem that can replace the original text, but it should fit thematically. It would be nice if the rhyme scheme, if there is one, the syllable count etc., is the same as in the original. It is not an obligation, though.
4) Parodies of songs can be submitted, the same advice as for 3) applies.

You can mix any of these options, or other ways of basing writing on a song that I forgot to mention here, with one another, any combination is possible after all, as long as you do base it on a song in a way that anyone can comprehend, it should be fine, and if you think it might not be that clear, there is space for notes, or simply message the moderator.
Same goes for unusual songs you may have based it on, songs not everybody, or at least I, know. If you haven’t noted that it was inspired by a song, and by which song, nor want to change that, just send me a message telling me title and interpreter, preferably with a link to the lyrics or the lyrics themselves.
All of this may seem like too much work for a simple contest to some, and it is not compulsory, none of this, but if I don’t know or recognize the song and think the submission doesn’t fulfil the contest’s conditions by mistake, it would be a pity.
Enough of that, I hope I didn’t discourage anyone and that many may submit, I am sure most of you do have something fitting they can enter. So go ahead!


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