Twisted hearts and lollipops   April 30, 2016 - May 6, 2016

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Holy Smokes Batman! This cat is the bomb-dot-com - Wilting Flowers
Holy Heart Failure Batman! This dude is one cool kitty - What It Feels To Be Alone
Holy Egg Shells Batman! This guy is the cat´s meow - Tap Tap
The Bee´s Knees - [writing deleted]
Leader of the Free World - Devil''s Ditch
Master of Karate and Friendship for Everyone - Halo.


Submit the best and most powerful poem you´ve ever written, one that could even knock the socks off of Shakespeare. The subject doesn´t matter but dark, creepy or abstract poems would definitely win me over.

Also please don´t submit any overly cheesy and cliche lovey-dovey poems or overtly religious poems, and for the love of Skittles please use proper grammar and spell things correctly, unless you actually want my grammar-Nazi tendencies to be unleashed upon your soul or my brain to implode.

Any-who my wonderful and talented poets, I bid you all good luck and I look forward to reading your amazing poems. <3


My undying love and one free and honest review to the top three winners


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