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Please write a VILLANELLE!

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A Villanelle is a French poetry form created by Jean Passerate (1534-1602). In this form there are six stanzas; the first five stanzas are three lines long, and the final stanza is four lines long. The first line and last line of the first stanza take turns repeating as the final line of the next four stanzas, and then are rejoined as the last two lines of the poem. The poem has a rhyme scheme of aba throughout, except in the last stanza where there is a slight variation. The last two lines may be slightly different than their predecessors.


What Is More Inviting?

Love can make a poet stop writing
If at midpoint of a fruitful day
The kiss of love is more inviting.

What compares with love's sighting?
When your partner is ready to play
Love can make a poet stop writing.

The brawlers may stop fighting
If in the middle of the fray
The kiss of love is more inviting.

It is like a candle's lighting:
When passion bids your hand to stay
Love can make a poet stop writing.

What makes dog and cat stop biting
And keeps a truant from running away?
The kiss of love is more inviting.

One kiss may begin all wrongs' righting
Can extinguish even a rumbling Pompeii.
What can make a poet stop writing?
The kiss of love is more inviting.

(C) 2001 Mary Margaret Carlisle

Source: Sol Magazine 1997-2006


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