A Fine Villanelle

A Fine Villanelle

A Poem by Richard Williams

A Villanelle about hope and perseverance.

A fine villanelle stays a joy to read;
One river runs to where the sea appears.
Reverses flow yet current woes recede.

Emotive flow remains the poet’s need;
The land grows green when flooding water clears:
A fine villanelle stays a joy to read.

So often words reflect the wounds that bleed;
A line constraint in which the poet steers:
Reverses flow yet current woes recede.

Economy excludes the score of screed;
It’s human want to lessen all the fears:
A fine villanelle stays a joy to read.

Through trial’s light comes hope on which we feed;
Between the river banks an ending nears:
Reverses flow yet current woes recede.

Those water levels rise to which we plead;
Volition speaks and perseverance hears.
A fine villanelle stays a joy to read;
Reverses flow yet current woes recede.

 First Place, Villanelles! Contest, 12-24-12

© 2016 Richard Williams

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.....no words can describe the power that this poem has; the magic that it stirs; the taste of every line upon the tongue! This is amazing. My only note is that "villanelle" has the main stress on the last syllable, but by your metre, you place the stress in the wrong syllable. You could reword that first line in a way so that it speaks for all villanelles, and create in that first stanza the beginning of a "fine villanelle", so the title then becomes wittily and hilariously meta. Other than that one little flaw, this is sublimely profound with absolute potential of being a fine villanelle! Well done!

Posted 3 Years Ago

The way you can stick to specific forms of poetry without force is truly amazing. Each poem I read of yours, if in specific format flows with perfection now matter what style you write in. I myself am working on trying other writing forms and I have not quite mastered the art to your skill level; nowhere near in fact :P This is yet another amazing piece. It shows strength and persistence, hope and humility. The message of never giving up, always moving forward, and letting each strike make you stronger is one that grips me to the core. Many people need to hear messages such as this one. The one's who struggle in life or just need a little push can gain hope from pieces like yours. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Crafted a wonderful villanelle.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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well done

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Tags: Villanelle, writer, screed, sea, economy, current, perseverance

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