Write a Tanka  February 27, 2014 - March 15, 2014

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1st place - Storm at Dawn
1st runner up - 言うだけ野暮 (You're Wasting Your ..
2nd runner up - [writing deleted]


Let's play with some traditional forms. Like the tanka...

I myself am new to the form and encourage comments from people with experience in this form.

For assistance, you may follow this guide (I believe that you need only write by the rule of syllables)

LINE 1 Five syllables: Describe when it happened
LINE 2 Seven syllables: Describe what happened
LINE 3 Five syllables: Your worst fear
LINE 4 Seven syllables: A positive outcome
LINE 5 Seven syllables: Life lesson you learned as a result

For example (my own experiment in form):

A cold winter night
I'm lost in a dark forest
The night may bring death
Found shelter between the eaves
My sweet nature gives solace


bragging rights and good practice in form


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