Your BEST Writing  November 13, 2009 - November 20, 2009

Contest Completed


Best Writing of All - Eclipse of the Mind
Second Best :) Still did a good job though!! - Undying Fairy
Best POEM(this could include plays) - Mirror Mirroring a Mirroring Mirror
Best STORY(this could include books) - Touch
Just because you have the last reward does NOT mean that your writing wasn't TOTALLY AWESOME!!! - BEasT of BLooD


Make sure it's your best writing of all the writing you've ever written. Make it worth me to read about. And it can be about ANYTHING. Dark, light, happy, sad, angry, crazy, bunnies. I don't give a crap. Just WRITE it and POST it. Here. XD poems, or stories. I don't care. Just please... PLEASE no plays and I would rather not have books, BUT if your just DYING to post a book or play... FINE. Just do it. Don't kill yourslef by trying to write poems, wich is the worst thing you write :P Just write, and express yourself and it works for me. :)


A cute wittle Ribbon!! :)




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