Your Favorite Poem  September 3, 2008 - September 9, 2008

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I agree! You Rock! - You Ought To Write a Book
This moved me... - I was never in love with you
You have a special talent. - [writing deleted]
Excellent effort! - A Walk Amongst The Fairies
I - Love Unrequited
Great Work! - But I still love you
I loved it! - Twisted Mask (Thoughts Of A True Madman)
Excellent work... - Letter to Home
Excellent work - Cherokee Mountain
Excellent - [writing deleted]


Send me your favorite poem, the one you're proud of, or the one that really moved you in the writing of it. I only want one per person as I intend to review each and every one of the pieces I receive. So give it a go :) I'm getting so many entries I've decided to shorten the contest to end on 08 September 08.


$.01, I


Nely Amorim
Nely Amorim
Fremantle, West Australia, Australia


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