June 1, 2011 - June 2, 2011

Contest Completed


The Glorious Champion - Journey Of The Kervant
Participant - Nephilims and Monsters
Participant - [writing deleted]
Participant - Tag Chaser
Participant - Passover (working title)
Participant - [writing deleted]
Participant - [writing deleted]
Participant - [writing deleted]
Participant - Dead Giveaway


About The Novelists Elite and noelwrimo
noelwrimo is a Competition held annually by a group on Writers Cafe run by Ashley Rankin. The 2011 Competition saw 9 glorious contestants. Our group is called
The Novelists Elite. If you are interested in joining Novelists Elite, please read the Group description to find out how.
More noelwrimo
noelwrimo was originally inspired by a website that holds a similar competition each November. They're called nanowrimo:National Novel Writing Month
Thanks to a suggestion by our family memberJake: we're having Novelists Elite Writing Month!
A competition. Our "" takes place each year in the month of June, starting the year of 2011. is an effort to try and get us all writing more. A competition, to see, for any given singular novel, which author can write the most words in the space of one month. You don’t have to complete a book, or reach a certain amount of words. Write as much as you can. Freestyle it. Take a new idea and start a new book, or make lots of progress on one you’ve already began. Don’t edit. Who needs grammar, spelling. WRITE.
WRITE like there is NO TOMORROW.
We keep track, total up the words... and discover
The prize? Eternal glory at Novelists Elite.
This contest will be held annually starting now, every year the month of June. The champion and participants will receive recognition at every annual noelwrimo.

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The Old Ashes
The Old Ashes
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