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money trouble


Once upon a time Bert Ingot ran out of money after he spent the last £9.00 at his day centre - £4.00 entrance fee, plus £5.00 for his dinner, a total of £9.00 all in all. Once he had paid his dues he ended up completely penniless. He rang his cousin to say that he didn't have any money left.
His cousin replied:

"I'm afraid I cannot give you any money, I have some important family matters to sort out at the moment.

Due to the fact that he had no money coming in Bert couldn't afford to go to the centre, even to have his fish and chips every Friday at his supported living home.
Not only that, he just couldn't go shopping as he had no money coming in, so he had to go without.

Bert asked the carers to help, but they just couldn't help him  as they had people worse off than him to deal with at his home, Broughton Lodge.
They said that the only way you could obtain money whilst your cousin's not around is to go out and get on your bike.

"But, said Bert, I can't go out and get some work.

"I'm afraid said Nigel Plankton, one of the carers, you'll just have to, that's the only way you can earn money whilst your cousin's not around."

Bert didn't like the idea of having to get on his bike to earn his weekly wages so he had to go without.

Days and days passed before his cousin could come down from Brownswood in North London to give him his weekly wages.
The days became weeks, the weeks became months and the months became years and still his cousin never came.
He ran out of food within days leaving his fridge completely empty.

The only meals he got were the meals on wheels dinners, but they only came on certain days. This meant that on other days he just had to go without food for days.
He did manage by only drinking water.

Luckily one of the tenants, Fred Bangles, had some food left over, with which he supplied Bert with every day, as he went out to work.

Bert's cousin did turn up - six weeks later, to give Bert his money, but could only afford to give him £5.00 for he had to spend his money on some more important things like helping his family out.

After all what would you expect to do with £5.00 pocket money nowadays?

Of course that can't go very far with today's cost of living going up all the time.
Although, The resident Fred Bangles helped out by giving the man some food, but one day he got sacked from his job. Because of this he could no longer afford to hand out food to Bert Ingot as he had no money coming in; Instead had to rely on benefits. Even that wasn't enough.

Never before in all his life had Bert Ingot been so hard up all because his cousin John Hanks just wouldn't give him enough money so that he could afford to do some shopping in order have his weekly supply of food. Not only that, there was one more important thing to sort out, and that is to have enough food to live on and provide him with all the important vitamins and minerals that he needs in order to live healthily; but how could he ?
The answer is no, he couldn't, because £5.00 pocket cannot go all that far.

Even milk is important because it provides Bert with all the calcium he need's, and fruit and vegetables, vitamin C, but that was impossible all because he just didn't have enough money to live on.

One day Bert's cousin had to stop paying the tenant's rent at his support home, plus meals - on - Wheels, even his weekly wages because he had more important matters to sort out with his family. Not only that he just couldn't even afford to pay for  the man to use the internet. As a result Bert had to be slung out onto the streets and fend for himself as he couldn't afford the rent.

There was one thing the man's cousin didn't have to pay for - his medication, as he got that on prescription, and that was free.
In the end he ended up in the workhouse as he was so hard up and forced into heavy labour.

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