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One day whilst a man was busy tidying up in the kitchen the lights suddenly went out. Not only the lights, but even the fridge felt the full brunt of the power failure, this meant that it had to be kept airtight because there wasn’t any power to keep the fridge cold; even the freezer lost its power, to keep food completely frozen, and if power wasn’t immediately restored all the food would rot away; in fact it was the eggs that did, which meant that by the time power was restored two hours later it was too late the eggs had died, and when the fridge was opened the man who owned the flat got more than he bargained for, for the rotten eggs started to discharge and, ‘all of a sudden spewed out poisonous gas. Overcome by the stinking eggs the flat owner made a beeline for the flat door, but too late, the poisonous gas from the decomposed eggs escaped into the surrounding rooms filling it with dangerous gas. The’ fumes from the rotten eggs in the fridge’ was so foul that the man collapsed and died for a few minutes. As quick as lightening he ran to the door and ran out to tell the manager about the rotten egg poison filling his flat after it escaped from his fridge, but, even as he opened the door the poison spilled out into the corridor and invaded other peoples, even into the whole building, eventually invading the manager’s office. As quick as lightening she ran out of the room like a shot. The flat owner Ian Jam explained what happened, that rotten eggs in his fridge started to discharge and spilled out a dangerous gas that escaped into surrounding rooms and that it nearly killed me; not only that, when I opened the flat door the gas escaped into neighbouring flats and the whole block.

"Right, I’m going to evacuate the whole flat and re - house the tenants until the block is fumigated because it’s so poisonous that even a whiff could kill."

Health inspectors were called up to the flat wearing breathing apparatus and emptied out the whole fridge. To prevent dangerous disease all the food in the fridge and freezer had to be chucked away. The whole fridge was cleaned out with carbolic acid to kill the noxious germs.

It was two weeks before all the tenants moved back into Goodmayes Lodge.

Eventually a warning was issued to tenants not buy eggs after what happened because they could become poisonous during a power cut; not only that, the worst scenario is that even monsters could hatch out of the rotten eggs and eat the owner, so the support officer suggested that people should grow their own eggs in the allotment.

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Bernard Tisman
Bernard Tisman

greater london, redbridge, United Kingdom