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Okay, so you got your constructive criticism...


Okay, so you got some constructive criticism on your writing. And right now you're probably thinking "Crap, I need to change something. Now what?"
In this course, I'll address different criticisms on different pieces of writing and tips on how to go about editing.
For example:
"Your dialog isn't natural"
"You need more description/imagery"
"You need more supporting characters"
"Your character isn't complex enough"
"The plot is dull"
"I wasn't hooked"
"It didn't flow"
"It sounds like a teenager wrote it"
"Dull word choice"
Leave any more constructive criticism you'd like a lesson on in the comments.

Now, I'm only 15. I don't really know much about how to edit my writing. So making these lessons will be a collaborative effort. If you're interested in collaborating, comment or send me a message. 

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Posted 7 Years Ago

All of this is still being edited and the lessons are being written. Don't expect a finished course for maybe 2 weeks.
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Some town, MA

I'm 15 years old and I'm an aspiring filmmaker. When you review my writing, don't just shower me with praise; I can use all the constructive criticism I can get. I'll be taking creative writing class..